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3D Printing

For Film, Music Videos, & Commercials

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Rapid, Custom Prop Creation

Need a custom piece made for your creative video content? Need it hyper-accurate, intricate, and done soon? Resin 3D Printing offers access to small- and mid-scale props and set pieces within hours.

Resin 3D Printed Elephant Warrior With Dungeons and Dragons Dice
Elegoo Mars Pro 3 4K Resin 3D printer
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The Printer

Elegoo Mars Pro 3 4K

The Mars 3 Pro has a build plate of 143.43×89.6×175mm (5.647×3.52×6.8 inches), allowing for prints of up to ~125 cubic inches. Objects and props can be printed in multiple pieces and easily glued together to form larger structures.

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The Software

Blender + Chitubox

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I can work with you from the time you conceive the idea to the time you're holding it in your hand.

Years of experience in both 3D software and fabrication allows me to aid in the design, printing, and post-processing steps on the way to your creation.

3D Software showing a pumpkin headed character ready to 3D resin print


My process in 3D printing is understood in terms of per item, per plate, and per job, in ascending order. Items are each individual object that is printed as a solid piece of resin. Each plate is one cycle of printing that fits on the machine's build plate, which depending on the size of the pieces can hold one or multiple items. Lastly, each job is the total of all the pieces and plates for a single client or task.

Each job is priced as follows:

Build Plate Rental

$6.50 / hr

Resin Usage

$0.07 / mL

Print Cleaning

$12.00 / plate (Flat Rate)

Resin Usage and Printing Time are calculated by the software once the 3D model is imported and supported.

Designing, Post-Processing (e.g. painting or finishing), and Consulting will vary greatly from idea to idea, and will be negotiated in the process of building your quote.

This process can make wholly original props, custom attachments and gears for camera rigs, large quantities of small set pieces, and so much more. All within a fraction of the time and for much less than other methods of customized assets.

Your final product can be mailed within 1 business day of it's completion, or if you need it ASAP and live somewhere within the Metro Detroit Area, I can hand deliver it for and additional mileage fee.

All this and more can be discussed and understood in the quote creation phase once you get in touch.

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