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Illustration of Pumpkin Headed Character chasing a moth
Mysterious Masked Nature Spirit over green backdrop


Photo of robot looking to the left
Car on fire using CGI and VFX

Video Media

3D Printed Elephant Warrior with Dungeons and Dragons Dice
Pumpkin Headed character 3D modeled and supported ready for Resin 3D Printing


Illustrated cartoon caricature of Devin Durocher

About Me

In the mediums I focus on, my goal is to use digital tools to spruce up real life, whether it be the art on your walls or the design on your t-shirt. However, the real bridge is in the world of filmmaking, where I want to see set pieces, props, and costumes made with VFX in mind from the point of concept, rather than relying on the old crutch, “Fix It In Post.”

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