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Achievements and Experience

Work Experience & Projects

Freelance Illustrator/Designer

Self Employed

Oct 2015-Present

  • Client Shortlist

    • Landafar Entertainment (Production Company - LA, California), Grand Dad’s Bar (Restaurant - Wyandotte, MI), Run, Sandman, Run (Film - Atlanta, GA), Brave the Wave (Racing Event - Lake Orion, MI), Vincie D (Musical Group - Lansing, MI)

  • Responsibilities

    • Self-starting business that requires hustle and motivation.

    • Create and maintain contracts with clients to ensure fair trade amongst parties.

    • Listen to my partner’s and client’s desires to create a final product that satisfies both their communication needs and my artistic needs.

Art Director / Prop Master / Wardrobe

Quicksand (2020) Feature Film

Dir. JohnPaul Morris

Aug 2019-Sep 2019

  • Curate and Acquire 119 props / set dressings and 60 wardrobe sets

  • Build prop Arrows, Fake Walls, and False Vents to create safer and more easily filmable set pieces.

  • Develop a complex rig to safely simulate the talent sinking in quicksand on camera.

  • Manage a PA under my department to aid in on set tasks and occasionally lend a hand in building set pieces


Reggie (2019) Short

Dir. Devin Durocher

May 2018-June 2019

  • Collaborate in the writing process

  • Create a robot costume out of EVA foam, acrylic glass, and elastic straps to ensure comfort of the actor, and ease of VFX integration.

  • Corral a daily cast and crew of 20 people

  • Manage a $3100 budget

  • Collect props, wardrobe, and set pieces via garage sales, ebay, etsy, etc.

  • Make props ranging from foam accessories to electronic, light-up cellphones.

  • Edit and color 4K S-log2 footage

  • Work with 189 VFX shots

  • Design and illustrate a unique poster for promotional purposes.

Production Designer/Key Artist

Dead Ends (2019) Short

Dir. Bradley Coster

Sep 2018-May 2019

  • Work with director to select very particular props and set pieces via Amazon, Salvation Army, and Facebook Marketplace

  •  Work with director to utilize sketching ability to create a professional storyboard

  •  Make props out of foam, paper, and illustrating.

  • Create posters, social media banners, and other promotional material to promote the film

  • Create creative marketing plan to match the themes and style of the film.

Director, Head Editor, Advertising Director, Writer

  • Write, direct, and edit several, 3-10 minute long episodes per semester

  • Participated in a total of 35 productions in the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Design all posters, fliers, and promotional material for the organization

MSU Telecasters, Student Organization

Sep 2016-Present


Post Grads (2018) TV Pilot

Dir. Anthony J. Turek

Apr 2018-Jul 2018

  • Gathered and organized footage into manageable and searchable layout for future use.

  • Worked with Director to cut the footage together into an enjoyable television program.


Shadow of Light (2017) Short

Dir. Devin Durocher

Nov 2018-Dec 2018

  • Created a film set in outer space using CGI compositing and cardboard robots while maintaining a budget of $0

  • Official Selection at the Threadbare Mitten Film Festival (2018)

Visual Media Consultant

Michigan State University, Department of Communication

Dec 2017 - Mar 2018

  • Created graphics and videos for research teams and faculty within the department.

  • Communicated complex information in a simple, visually appealing way.

Head Editor

GCFSI - The Food Fix

Mar 2017-Oct 2017

  • Edit interviews with grantees into informational videos to explain their research.

  • Work with grantees to ensure the message and process of their work is conveyed accurately and simply.

Social Media Manager

Early Bird Homes at Keller Williams

Jan 2017-May 2017

  • Worked with a realtor to create regular and engaging posts to maintain a loyal customer base.

  • Designed custom logos/motion graphics for special holidays and events, as well as captured and edited video for social media posts.

Assistant Editor

Invisible Wounds (2016), WKAR-PBS TV Special

Dir. Amol Pavangadgar

Oct 2016-Nov 2016

  • Gave a second eye to Head Editor on cuts and decisions. Made lower thirds in After Effects

  • Ran camera on various photoshoots for promotional material


Michigan State Univeristy

September 2016-May 2019

  • BFA Media and Information​ Major, Fiction Filmmaking​ Minor

    • Honors College​

    • 3.87 GPA (With Honors)

Key Skills and Software

  • Narrative Writing

  • Comedic Writing

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Painting and Drawing

  • Photography and Cinematography

  • Design Thinking

  • Set Design and Prop Making

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Microsoft Office

  • Maya Autodesk

Awards and Achievements

  • Traverse City Film Festival Official Selection (2019)

  • Threadbare Mitten Film Festival Official Selection (2019)

    • A+ Student Filmmaker Award

  • Soo Film Festival Official Selection (2019)

  • NATAS Student Production Awards (2020)

    • Long Form - Fiction

    • Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

  •  Communication Arts and Sciences Scholarship in Telecommunication (2018)

  • William R. Jenkins Memorial Scholarship (2018)

  • A. Gorgon Adams, Jr. Alumni Distinguished Scholar (2018)

  • 3rd Place Louis B. Sudler Prize in the Arts (2019)

  • Threadbare Mitten Film Festival Official Selection

    • Shadow of Light (2017) - Writer/Director

    • Spring 2018​

  • Communication Arts and Sciences Scholarship in Telecommunication

    • Spring 2018

  • William R. Jenkins Scholarship, Department of Communication Arts and Sciences.

    • Spring 2018

  • Michigan State University Student Film Festival Official Selection

    • Spring 2017

  • A. Gordon Adams, Jr. Alumni Distinguished Scholar Award

    • 2016

  • Robert D. Kelly Athletic Award, Allen Park High School

    • 2015

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