Darksynth Music Video

Carpenter Brut's Music Video for the 2022 single The Widowmaker, starring Dylan Sprouse, filmed in Detroit at the Masonic Temple, Harpo's Concert Theatre, and various locations throughout the city.

Using InDesign and AI generated faces, I recreated a late 1980s style yearbook design that was then printed and woven into a hardcover book, which the main  character passionately destroys. Other graphics and photo manipulations were made to put the actors into the world of Carpenter Brut's fictional Midwich University.

In addition, I worked as a general art hand and set decorator through the 3 days of production, working under the direction of the Production Designer.


OnStar Santa Tracker

OnStar National Commercial

OnStar and Woodward Original shot this commercial Downtown for their seasonal in-vehicle feature.

I worked directly with the Production Designer collecting and constructing a camera-ready christmas for set pieces like a Mall Santa, Window Display, and an Inner City Tree Lot.

onstar santa.png


Pop Rock Music Video

This music video for Trey Connor's single 'Aloof' features the construction of an entirely sideways set, and an elaborate trash-throne and sinking effect.

Construction of the set took 1 week of studio time, and was done in a team including Devin Durocher, Erik Steel, and Tomaki Boaz



Bromantic Comedy Feature

Filmed in Traverse City, MI, this feature film is a grounded comedy featuring set pieces such as simulated sinking in quick sand, an epic car shoot out, and a full sized outdoor wedding.

On this I worked as the Art Director, Wardrobe Manager, and Prop Master on a small crew trying to ignite a scene in the northern town of TC.



"What's Up, Filthy Humans?

Meet everyone's favorite Regulator Drone. Reggie was constructed in a 2 month period by myself using modern cosplay / foamsmithing techniques.

Brandon Drap portrayed Reggie in the suit during filming.


The sci-fi world also features many other hand-made props, as seen in the gallery below. In total, 5 costumes, a puppet, and 53 props/set pieces were curated and/ore made for the short.

Dead Ends

Death: The Next Great Inconvenience

As Production Designer, Key Artist, and Post Production Art Director, I made all original props and set decorations for the short film "Dead Ends," set to release in April of 2019.

These toys, as I like to label them, range from paintings to sculptures, and posters to sketches.